Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Irvine before New York

well now, how to start off my first ever blog? maybe i will get better at this, but right now i dont really care how it really looks.

today started off early. i found out last night that it bad to drive around without a thermostat for your radiator. when i last got my car fixed the dude told me that my car didnt require it and it would run just fine. wrong.
so i was up early getting that fixed, then finishing up packing for new york, made a quick stop at chipotle in bakersfield, just beating la traffic, making it to irvine in a decent amount of time.

i then proceeded to hang out with my bro and sis, mostly my bro. we played the wii for hours and hours. the picture is kevin playing a bit of baseball.
thats about all. im leaving tomorrow morning out of the john wayne airport to go to st paul, mn then to new your mama, ny.

i really hope that i can keep these things up to date. a bunch of random posts like this sure would suck.