Sunday, June 10, 2007


the extra b is for birthday.

so church in the basement had a bbq on thursday. it was quite a bit of fun, as are all of our get togethers.

sarah brought a big elastic thingy that we played with. it was a great childish fun.

then we played the broom game. you spin in 20 circles with a broom above your head, then you throw the broom down in front of you and try and jump over it.
the best part about this picture is matt and his note.


then friday we had a birthday party for rachel mcfarren.

it was fun. ted, steph, sarah, emily, and amanda from citb came down from reedley for the occasion.

ted upside down.....

and drawing.....

sarah sleeping

my snail

crazy wall ornaments....

well that was the highlights of this week. i dont remember if anything else happened.

for those who dont know and only contact with me is with this blog, i now have an official return to work day. june 18. i start back with babysitting. i dont know what is going to happen with the chu chu though, because of needing to work the whole first week down in delano getting re-certified.

those two pictures from the last post below are also from rachels birthday party as well.....

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Brandi, the artist rat lady said...

HA HA HA *loud zebra like squeaks*....!!!! These are great! glad you started a blog. how was your first day back at work?