Friday, June 25, 2010

wrong place at the wrong time......

so i was reading todays fresno bee today (june 25, 2010) and i ran across two completely separate articles that i am now going to piece together.

so i first ran across this horrible article.....

if you dont want to read it, i can sum it up pretty quickly. this lady who has had a history of miscarriages decides to fake a pregnancy for nine months. then, she goes and stabs a couple, trying to steal their newborn baby to claim as her own.

that seems like being in the wrong place at the wrong time for that couple.

wrong. it was the wrong place for the women who was doing the stabbing.

imagine if you will, if she had only been in california instead of indiana. she being the frugal woman i can only assume she could be, is just coming out of walmart taking advantage of those unbeatable prices and she runs into these two geniuses.

again if you dont want to read the article.
these two people were standing outside of walmart in salinas trying to sell their 6 month old baby for $25. freakin $25.

so back to the beginning. how would life be different if this indianapolis woman had only been faking the pregnancy in salinas and walked out of walmart at the most opportune to find a couple that she didnt have to stab to get a baby for the rollback price of $25. who would have been the wiser?

can two negatives equal a positive? everyone would have got what they wanted, even if they are two of the most reprehensible people.....


Nichole Contente said...

that gave me a good laugh

Anonymous said...

Supply and Demand.