Sunday, April 29, 2007

30 days and 30 nights

well it seems that my blog here mysteriously started working again. so here is my second go at it, but this time i hope it to be better because at least for the next 4 weeks i have something to blog about....

this is the early morning of april 25, the start of a wonderful journey.
optimistic but concerned especially about my ankles. not just because i knew that i was going to travel around 12,121 miles over the next 30 days, but because i was to be doing it with a 55 lb backpack on.
so far so good......

this is on the connection bus en route to san francisco, my first destination.

this is in san francisco. one of my favorite types of picture to take are that of myself in some type of reflection, preferably not in a standard mirror.

union square. the apple store and here is where i spent the majority of my time in san francisco.

i also met up with an old and dear friend diana agraz. but at the last minute, while i was in san francisco, i realized because of bad planning on my part i had to cut my time short with diana and leave that same day in a mad dash to make it to vancouver, bc for my canadian train reservations. it would have been nice to stay an extra day.

my first long train ride. 23 hours from emeryville to seattle. about 2 hours into the trip a lady woke me up and told me that her seat was the one right next to mine. the train was only half full, why she needed to sit in "her" seat i dont know. for the next 5 hours i had this old lady laying all over my right arm. i couldnt sleep. i took a picture of her. luckily she was only there for about a total of hours of the trip and i got some sleep after she left....

coming up next, canananada

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