Sunday, April 29, 2007

bakka does canada: part II jasper

the canadian rockies are very nice to look at. i only wish that there was a place to stop and get off the train and take pictures instead of trying to snap off pictures through glass with trees whizzing by.

here is the jasper train station. and some of the surrounding scenery.
i was only in jasper for about 3 hours. hmmm an 18 hour train ride for a 3 hour tour, just to catch a train and go 18 hours right back from where i came. 3 hours was actually the perfect amount of time to get something to eat and take the pictures i wanted to take, so all is good. its not like i didnt want to ride on trains on this trip or anything....

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Happynhanford said...

Good to see they let you out of Canada, eh. Looking forward to seeing more of you. I can't believe the size of the thumbs up there. Do they have big feet also? Midget