Sunday, April 29, 2007

bakka does canada

i arrived in vancouver, bc around 2am. the train station did not open until 5am, so it gave me time to go and wonder around. mostly looking for an open internet connection. it didnt take to long.

after interneting, i was kind of hungry so i went to look for a dennys or something of the like. somewhere i could sit and stay warm. i didnt find a dennys, but it only took one canadian to change my view of canada. i there was a burger king and mcdonalds next to each other, and since i really dont like eating mcdonalds, i walk the bk lounge first. the drive thru was open 24 hours but not the dining. all of the bk's employees were outside smoking and when i asked if i could get some food they told me sorry, but they cant serve walk up customers, but that mcdonalds did. i said thank you very much, i was just hoping that burger king did as well because i really dont like mcdonalds. at that moment one the dudes said hold on a minute went inside and came out with a whopper combo meal and told me that it was "on the house." free food = awesome.

since i didnt sleep at all the night before and i had about 12 hours before my train left for jasper, ab, i found a nice "quiet" corner and made a nice little sleeping area for myself.

i only got about 4 hours of sleep, then it was back to wondering the city. it was raining so i put a trash bag over my gear to keep it nice.

finally my train departed for jasper. it was a nice 17 hour train ride. i went up to the observation area of the train for the sunrise. beautiful.

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