Thursday, May 3, 2007

3 days of travel.....memphis.

so its been a couple of days now since i have been in seattle. not much has happened, but a lot has gone on.

i wandered around seattle for a little while because my train didnt leave until around 430pm. everything looked a lot different during the daylight hours than at 300am. here are some random pictures of a seattle park i found.

once it was time to go i headed over to union station. i needed to pick up my tickets for my trip from new york to miami, and miami to charlottesville, so i went up to the amtrak ticket counter. off in the distance i heard this dude say, "i can help you over here." i walk over to him and who did i find. a dude named jessica. i couldnt resist. i took a bunch of pictures with my camera phone, and even felt gutsy enough to take to with my real camera. soooooo scary. soooooo interesting.

that leads me up to the next void. a 46 hour train to chicago. the first 14 hours or so was spent sleeping. i had only got about 1.5 hours of sleep in seattle and was very tired. i woke up around montana. i then started getting off the train where ever i could and took pictures of the train station signs. the shelby picture was taken right after i woke up. i hope that explains the way i look. on of the stops i got off at i went in to see if they had a soda machine. canned sodas on the train are freaking $1.75. i found one and hallelujah they had mountain dew. i buy one and just as i am opening it, i notice that the can looked a little different. it was caffeine free? not that i was looking for caffeine, but weird. anyways, i was always trying to have something to do, so i played with my computer a lot, whether it was watching simpsons or enhancing photo opportunities.

i arrived in chicago about 430pm. which gave me about 3 hours to quickly wonder around. mikkele had given me a general direction i should go and so i did. on my travels i ran into a chipotle. the heavens opened and a beam of light was shown on its door. for those of you who dont know, chipotle is in at least my top 3 favorite (of chain restaurants) places to eat. and well i had been living on bagels and wheat thins for the past 2 days. it was everything i could have hoped for.
as i was wondering around i found the channel 7 news room. i stood outside and as they were signing off they panned the camera outside to say goodbye. kinda like the today show. i was briefly seen. i then took a couple of pictures whenever the opportunity arose as i headed back to the train station.

the trip to memphis was short. only ten hours. we actually arrived 45 minutes early. first time for everything. i then walked towards the downtown area which is where i currently am. i was looking for an internet connection which i found in a pleasant park area. i got to play with some squirrels too. it did kind of suck though, out of nowhere, sun out and all, it stared raining and i had to get my computer out of the rain.

well this leads me up to about 9am, thursday, may 3. as i am typing all the details of the trip out the pictures dont seem to be uploading. i hope that i can get this posted before i head back to chicago this evening.....

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What??, you have some problem with the name Jessica? Midget