Saturday, May 5, 2007

chicago family reunion

well let me first off start by finishing up the events in memphis. i did some more wondering, finding more picture to take.

then out of nowhere, a huge storm (at least to what im used to) hit the city. it was so bad i had to take shelter. winds felt like they hit around 35 to 40mph and the rain was very very hard.

i left memphis on thursday night. as i am currently making this entry, i am watching the news on the tornado in kansas on friday. they are showing the storms vicinity and memphis is only like 50 miles from the most extreme and is actually in the very bad area. that would explain the weather.
i arrived in chicago friday morning and headed out to wheaton to meet up with my sister and parents (who had come in a day earlier).

mikkele and i that evening went into chicago to wander around. she showed me all of the "cool" places to see. it was very nice to walk around chicago, especially without my 55lb bag on my back. the weather was great.

now today, saturday cinco de mayo.
i went to wheaton college to hang around the campus. i was wondering through one of the building and i found the door up to the bell tower open. i wondered in to find something very strange. it was all explained to me later why, but the whole place was filled with graffiti and people had put up pictures papers and clothes. looks like quazi had stuff to keep himself occupied.

my sister was in a ceremony and received a special certificate because of a program she participated in last semester.

my brother and sister (in law) got in this afternoon, so after the ceremony the four of us went out to eat and hang out. all in all it was a great day.

i hope that me saying this at the end of each entry doesnt lessen the truthfulness of it all, but this trip is awesome and keeps getting better and better.


Stephen Abbas said...

Holy cow, you went to that awesome metal Bean, I love that thing, it is so cool to take pictures at.

Anonymous said...

Anytime you find a thong in the belltower of a Christian college, as Martha always says..."it's a good thong". Midget