Thursday, May 3, 2007

memphis.....good choice.

hmmm. two posts in one day. well the last one was catching up to today, and this is for today. i have been wondering around memphis now for about 5 hours. there is a lot to see and some interesting/fun things to take pictures of. i was never planning on coming to memphis, but when my time in seattle was cut shorter than i had planned, i looked for another convenient place to travel. time and place wise, memphis was perfect. ive had fun im memphis. this blog is mostly just going to be pictures of some of the things i have seen.

one of the first things i saw as i walked away from the train stating were all kinds of elvis cutouts. not just in one store but like 3 or 4 in a row.

i love finding free wireless internet.

i found some cool squirrels to play with. one of them actually bit my finger thinking there was food in it. there is one squirrel way up at the top of a tree hanging upside down off a very small branch.

bunch of random pictures.

there was a pretty cool metal structure of sorts that let me take a bunch of my reflection type pictures.

bridge crossing the mississississisiisppi river.

there is one fun story that i will talk about. i was walking around and i called cory bruce. i told him about the weather and how hot and humid it was. he had the brilliant idea of going swimming. why not, its not like ive never done it before. the pool felt divine. it was indoor on the third floor of a marriott. perfect tempature. perfect time. the only bad part about it was after i was done swimming and freshening up i went outside to the balcony to relax on the lawn chairs. just after i laid down a WHOLE bunch of what looked like very important executives came walking out. it looked like they were touring the facility making sure it was up to snuff. that ended that. one of the directors of the hotel came over to me and asked if i was a guest at the hotel. i was politely escorted out.

i then walked down the street and found out that it was the national day of prayer and there was a ecumenical prayer rally in front of one of the federal buildings. i got to clear my conscience of my swimming fun.

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